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Brooke: Preemptive Spanking 1 Brooke: Preemptive Spanking 2 Brooke: Preemptive Spanking 3 Brooke: Preemptive Spanking 4
Brooke: Preemptive Spanking
Before Brooke is allowed to go out on her date, the Headmaster gives her a preemptive spanking. He alternates between hand and paddle on her naked bottom.
Updated: Mon. Mar. 22, 2021
Daija: Hand and Paddle 1 Daija: Hand and Paddle 2 Daija: Hand and Paddle 3 Daija: Hand and Paddle 4
Daija: Hand and Paddle
The Headmaster punishes Daija for smoking. She receives an OTK hand spanking and then he stands her up and punishes her bottom with a wooden paddle.
Updated: Fri. Mar. 19, 2021
Amber: Spanked in the Van 1 Amber: Spanked in the Van 2 Amber: Spanked in the Van 3 Amber: Spanked in the Van 4
Amber: Spanked in the Van
Amber is supposed to be waiting for the Headmaster to pick her up in the Academy van. She is not where she is supposed to be, when she is supposed to be there. When the Headmaster finally locates the wayward girl, he is most annoyed. He finds a quiet place to park, pulls her over his knee, bares her bottom and gives her a hard OTK hand-spanking on the spot.
Updated: Wed. Mar. 17, 2021
Daija: OTK Hand Spanking 1 Daija: OTK Hand Spanking 2 Daija: OTK Hand Spanking 3 Daija: OTK Hand Spanking 4
Daija: OTK Hand Spanking
Daija, in her school uniform, receives a long over the knee hand spanking from the Headmaster.
Updated: Mon. Mar. 15, 2021
Amber: Learning to Make the Bed 1 Amber: Learning to Make the Bed 2 Amber: Learning to Make the Bed 3 Amber: Learning to Make the Bed 4
Amber: Learning to Make the Bed
Naked Amber is given an in depth tutorial on the correct way to make her bed by the Headmaster and his trusty ping-pong paddle.
Updated: Fri. Mar. 12, 2021
Daija: School Girl OTK Hand-Spanking 1 Daija: School Girl OTK Hand-Spanking 2 Daija: School Girl OTK Hand-Spanking 3 Daija: School Girl OTK Hand-Spanking 4
Daija: School Girl OTK Hand-Spanking
Daija, in her school uniform, is home late from school. The Headmaster throws troublesome Daija over his knee, lifts her skirt, pulls down her panties and spanks her bare bottom hard. Daija is spanked until she is sobbing. The Headmaster then puts her on the floor, on-all-fours, and spanks her further.
Updated: Wed. Mar. 10, 2021
Bridget: Domestic Chores 1 Bridget: Domestic Chores 2 Bridget: Domestic Chores 3 Bridget: Domestic Chores 4
Bridget: Domestic Chores
The Headmaster has had enough of Bridget's continued poor performance on her domestic chores responsibilities. He decides to take serious corrective action. He begins with a hard strapping to ensure he has her full attention. Bridget is then made to strip and put on a small apron. She is then sent to the kitchen to clean. As she works, the Headmaster continues to punish her with a large wooden yard stick. Bridget is not having a good day.
Updated: Mon. Mar. 08, 2021
Olivia: Chronically Late 1 Olivia: Chronically Late 2 Olivia: Chronically Late 3 Olivia: Chronically Late 4
Olivia: Chronically Late
Perpetually late Olivia is given sixty strikes per tardy she has accumulated by the Headmaster. She has been late five times. 60 x 5 = PAIN.
Updated: Fri. Mar. 05, 2021
Daija: Inappropriate Dress 1 Daija: Inappropriate Dress 2 Daija: Inappropriate Dress 3 Daija: Inappropriate Dress 4
Daija: Inappropriate Dress
Headmaster Ken punishes Daija for 'inappropriate' dress with a hard painful OTK hairbrush OTK spanking.
Updated: Wed. Mar. 03, 2021
Amber: Getting the Belt 1 Amber: Getting the Belt 2 Amber: Getting the Belt 3 Amber: Getting the Belt 4
Amber: Getting the Belt
The Headmaster puts Amber up against the wall, bares her bottom, and gives her a dose of his belt.
Updated: Mon. Mar. 01, 2021
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