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Mila: Sit up Straight! 1 Mila: Sit up Straight! 2 Mila: Sit up Straight! 3 Mila: Sit up Straight! 4
Mila: Sit up Straight!
The Headmaster instructs Mila on the importance of proper posture.
Updated: Fri. Mar. 30, 2018
Amber: Hand Spanked in the Van 1 Amber: Hand Spanked in the Van 2 Amber: Hand Spanked in the Van 3 Amber: Hand Spanked in the Van 4
Amber: Hand Spanked in the Van
Amber is spanked in the van after she fails to call in to the Academy on time.
Updated: Wed. Mar. 28, 2018
Daija: Paddled! 1 Daija: Paddled! 2 Daija: Paddled! 3 Daija: Paddled! 4
Daija: Paddled!
Daija gets a good long dose of three different paddles: hairbrush, ping-pong and old fashioned wood. Looks painful!
Updated: Mon. Mar. 26, 2018
Sadie: Getting Green 1 Sadie: Getting Green 2 Sadie: Getting Green 3 Sadie: Getting Green 4
Sadie: Getting Green
Sadie learns an important lesson about conservation. The Headmaster drives home the lesson with an impromptu OTK hair brush spanking in the Academy van. Let's hope that van is a hybrid!
Updated: Fri. Mar. 23, 2018
Daija: Caned! 1 Daija: Caned! 2 Daija: Caned! 3 Daija: Caned! 4
Daija: Caned!
Daija is given a very painful caning when the girl she has scheduled does not show up.
Updated: Wed. Mar. 21, 2018
Mila: Just Because Spanking 1 Mila: Just Because Spanking 2 Mila: Just Because Spanking 3 Mila: Just Because Spanking 4
Mila: Just Because Spanking
The Headmaster punishes Mila 'just because'. He begins with her OTK and his hand on her bare bottom. She is then ordered to strip completely naked. He holds her in a tight embrace while continuing to spank her with hand and then hair brush. Pretty young Mila is lovingly reduced to tears.
Updated: Mon. Mar. 19, 2018
Yvonne: Hard Naked Strapping 1 Yvonne: Hard Naked Strapping 2 Yvonne: Hard Naked Strapping 3 Yvonne: Hard Naked Strapping 4
Yvonne: Hard Naked Strapping
Nubian Princess Yvonne is placed, naked, on her knees on a chair for a hard exposed strapping by Headmaster Ken.
Updated: Fri. Mar. 16, 2018
Daija: Caning 1 Daija: Caning 2 Daija: Caning 3 Daija: Caning 4
Daija: Caning
Daija is caned by the Headmaster to remind her to keep the van clean.
Updated: Wed. Mar. 14, 2018
Mila: Like a Babe in the Woods 1 Mila: Like a Babe in the Woods 2 Mila: Like a Babe in the Woods 3 Mila: Like a Babe in the Woods 4
Mila: Like a Babe in the Woods
Mila is spanked beneath old growth oak not far from Nottingham. (Shot quickly before the Sheriff chased them off.)
Updated: Mon. Mar. 12, 2018
Candice: Bound and Strapped 1 Candice: Bound and Strapped 2 Candice: Bound and Strapped 3 Candice: Bound and Strapped 4
Candice: Bound and Strapped
Clarice, still sore and wet from her bathroom punishment, is led into her bedroom by the Headmaster. She is made to lay on the bed, naked, with her wrist bound behind her back and her bottom propped on pillows. The Headmaster then straps her already very red bottom with a heavy leather strap.
Updated: Fri. Mar. 09, 2018
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