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Mila: Unauthorized Peeing (Part 1) 1 Mila: Unauthorized Peeing (Part 1) 2 Mila: Unauthorized Peeing (Part 1) 3 Mila: Unauthorized Peeing (Part 1) 4
Mila: Unauthorized Peeing (Part 1)
Mila was sent to bed early. But she insists on dancing with the devil and going to use the restroom without permission. CAUGHT! The Headmaster is swift and decisive in his justice. He first paddles her bare bottom in the bathroom doorway with a ping pong paddle.
Updated: Wed. Nov. 08, 2023
Yvonne: Meet the New Girl 1 Yvonne: Meet the New Girl 2 Yvonne: Meet the New Girl 3 Yvonne: Meet the New Girl 4
Yvonne: Meet the New Girl
New girl Yvonne does not even make it to the Academy before the Headmaster is forced to pull over the Academy mini-van and punish her on the spot. Troublesome young Yvonne is punished with hand and hairbrush on her quivering young bare bottom in the tight confines of the van.
Updated: Mon. Nov. 06, 2023
Daija: Naked OTK Hand Spanking 1 Daija: Naked OTK Hand Spanking 2 Daija: Naked OTK Hand Spanking 3 Daija: Naked OTK Hand Spanking 4
Daija: Naked OTK Hand Spanking
Daija is order to strip naked and go over the Headmaster's knee for a OTK hand spanking.
Updated: Fri. Nov. 03, 2023
Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 3) 1 Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 3) 2 Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 3) 3 Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 3) 4
Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 3)
The Headmaster closely supervises Clarice's shower. In part three, the Headmaster washes her hair while giving her a hand spanking. He then orders her to lay over the toilet and he spanks her with a ping-pong paddle.
Updated: Wed. Nov. 01, 2023
Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 2) 1 Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 2) 2 Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 2) 3 Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 2) 4
Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 2)
The Headmaster closely supervises Clarice's shower. In part two, Clarice is put up against the shower wall and strapped with a heavy leather strap by the Headmaster. She is then made to watch herself in the mirror as she is strapped further.
Updated: Mon. Oct. 30, 2023
Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 1) 1 Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 1) 2 Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 1) 3 Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 1) 4
Clarice: Shower Punishment (Part 1)
The Headmaster closely supervises Clarice's shower. In part one, he helps wash her then takes her, naked and wet, over his knee for a brisk hand-spanking.
Updated: Fri. Oct. 27, 2023
Daija: Bottom Presentation 1 Daija: Bottom Presentation 2 Daija: Bottom Presentation 3 Daija: Bottom Presentation 4
Daija: Bottom Presentation
Daija is given instruction on the proper presentation of her bottom for punishment by the Headmaster.
Updated: Mon. Oct. 23, 2023
Clarice: Drinking Problem 1 Clarice: Drinking Problem 2 Clarice: Drinking Problem 3 Clarice: Drinking Problem 4
Clarice: Drinking Problem
The Headmaster finds Clarice passed out on the chaise lounge, an empty bottle of alcohol close at hand. He wastes no time in enrolling her in his own twelve step program. Step one is a hard spanking on her bare bottom with a yardstick.
Updated: Fri. Oct. 20, 2023
Daija: Chair Fun 1 Daija: Chair Fun 2 Daija: Chair Fun 3 Daija: Chair Fun 4
Daija: Chair Fun
The Headmaster finds some imaginative new ways to punish Daija using only a chair and a paddle. Good Stuff!
Updated: Wed. Oct. 18, 2023
Bridget: Street Walker 1 Bridget: Street Walker 2 Bridget: Street Walker 3 Bridget: Street Walker 4
Bridget: Street Walker
The Headmaster's catches wayward young Bridget working the mean streets. He wastes no time in applying corrective negative reinforcement. A long painful session on the receiving end of a nylon paddle and a yardstick ensues. Bridget learns the error of her ways and grows as a person.
Updated: Mon. Oct. 16, 2023
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